نتائج أفضل 4 جولات بالمضمار

Semi-Pro جائزة Semi-Pro
Pro جائزة Pro
SuperPro جائزة SuperPro
God جائزة God
SuperGod جائزة SuperGod

Toys In The Hood 1Supermarket 2Museum 2Botanical GardenToy World 1Ghost Town 1Toy World 2Toys In The Hood 2Toytanic 1Museum 1Supermarket 1Ghost Town 2Toytanic 2
Position سائق Time  Screenshot
1 stvictorar225 03:05:776   Re-Volt Race Screenshot
2 Vendett5 03:09:028   Re-Volt Race Screenshot
3 mmudshark 03:09:132   Re-Volt Race Screenshot
4 Famous 03:10:137   Re-Volt Race Screenshot
5 Dolo 03:12:776   Re-Volt Race Screenshot
6 Whitedoom 03:13:896   Re-Volt Race Screenshot
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