Downloads Re-Volt

RVGL (rvgl_21.0905a-1 05-09-2021)

RVGL Windows 32 bit
RVGL Windows 64 bit
RVGL Linux
  • This is the latest Re-Volt patch, still in development in 2021, this patch is used the most for online gaming
  • Before installing, make sure you already installed the basic Re-Volt version
  • Then extract the RVGL files into your Re-Volt folder
  • To start the RVGL version of Re-Volt, just run rvgl.exe

DreamCast Pack

Download DC pack
  • This pack contains cars of Re-Volt DreamCast version, and a track called Rooftops
  • versão original
  • Instalador
  • Incluindo o patch 1207
Re-Volt 1.2 (rv1.2a15.0420, 14-01-2017)
  • This is an add-on, download the full version of Re-Volt to use it (keep in mind, that 1.2 add-on is no longer used in multiplayer games, you should use RVGL to play online)
Toyeca RVR repaint Toyeca RVR repaint
  • place the files in your Re-Volt cars/toyeca folder
Patch 0916 (not used any longer)
  • Actualiza do Re-Volt para a versão 1.10
  • permite a exportação de pistas do editor com o dobro do tamanho
  • permite o uso de pistas costumizadas em Multi-Player
Patch 1207 (no-CD patch) only for archiving purposes
  • desliga a procura pelo CD
  • Desliga a musica dentro do jogo
  • o resto é como o patch 0916
WolfR4 (not used any longer)
  • Arranja vários bugs do jogo
  • Provides an easy access to the most commonly used (command line) options in Re-Volt
  • Adiciona novas opções/funções não disponiveis no Re-Volt
  • Vem com funções básicas para gerir pistas do usuário
  • Allows to create/play more elaborated User tracks (Custom tracks). Track makers can customize more things than in usual User tracks
  • Jogar multi-jogador para mais de 12 jogadores
Parametros originais do Toyeca
  • Parametros originais .txt para o pessoas que estragaram o seu Toyeca
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