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Where to play Re-Volt online?

RVHouse is the online meeting place for racing multi-player Re-Volt. تحميل.

How to use RVHouse?

RVHouse is quite simple to use. In short you create or join a room. Everyone in the room will take part in the Re-Volt game when Re-Volt is started from RV House. For more information about using RVHouse go to the RVHouse guide.

Solve "Can't launch Re-Volt" error

When you launch a game from RVHouse you might the the following error message: "Can't launch Re-Volt". Follow these steps to solve this:

  • Make sure your Re-Volt is properly installed by an installer
  • Before running RVHouse, make sure to run Re-Volt offline first using your Re-Volt shortcut icon
  • If Re-Volt works in offline mode, you can close it and start using RVHouse

I get a "CRC checksum error" when Re-Volt is launched from RV House

This happens at least with Windows XP. It usually doesn't prevent Re-Volt from launching, just click the error message away. But to prevent the error message from happening at all you must do following:

  • Find your Re-Volt executable "revolt.exe".
  • Right click on it and choose the properties tab.
  • Choose "Windows98 compatibility mode". Prevent CRC checksum error
With this mode enabled the error should not occur anymore.

How to play Re-Volt in Windows Vista? (Can't flip buffers error message)

In Windows Vista you might get the error message "Can't flip buffers". To solve this you have to run Re-Volt with the -sli command. You can install the WolfR4 tool to do this or setup your system yourself (read below).

Re-Volt in Windows Vista for single player

  • Find your Re-Volt executable "revolt.exe".
  • Right click on it and choose the shortcut tab.
  • Add "-sli" in the target url. Prevent can't flip buffers error

Re-Volt in Windows Vista for multi-player (using RVHouse)

RVHouse does not use your ReVolt shortcut for launching Re-Volt. Therefore the method above does not work in RVHouse, but you have to edit the Revolt registry settings:

  • Click the Vista start button and choose "Run".
  • Type "regedit" and hit enter. Prevent can't flip buffers error
  • Hit CTRL-F to open the search window and search for "Re-Volt" until you get a result that looks like the image below.
  • In the CommandLine field enter "-sli".
  • Save and exit the Register Editor Prevent can't flip buffers error
NOTE: In some systems you have to do this procedure every time you launch Re-Volt. To make this easier you can make an export of the register settings by choosing "File", "Export" and save the register file. Before playing ReVolt you have run the .reg file.

I can't host or join multiplayer games in RVHouse (Can't connect to lobby error message)

If you have a router and/or firewall you must configure them so that you can use RV House and play Re-Volt online. If you have both a router and a firewall, apply both instructions.

Setup Router

If you have a router you must forward some ports to your own computer. From your router configuration try finding something named similarly to "Port Forwarding". Then configure there it to forward the ports according to the following table:

Protocol Source PortsTarget PortsFrom IPTo IP
TCP 2301, 47624 2301, 47624 ALL Your IP
UDP 2300 - 2400 2300 - 2400 ALL Your IP
Also see the "Forwarding" section on portforward.com. If you have trouble finding the right settings for your router. You can for example select eDonkey application and by similar procedure apply the settings outlined above to your router.

Setup Firewall

The easiest thing to do is to set firewall to allow making all connections for Re-Volt and RV House. If that is not possible for some reason, here is how you should setup the ports:

Protocol Ports Source / TargetDirection
UDP/TCP ALL Target out
UDP 2300 - 2400Source / Targetin/out
TCP 47624 Source / Targetin/out
If you are still having problems you might have a look at the ReVolt IO help documents.

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