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One of the challenges of RVR (Re-Volt Race) is the best 4 lap (or best 3 laps) section. In this section, there is a ranking which is based on the best times of each player in the 13 stock tracks in a 3 or 4 lap race without picks with stock cars.

The best lap rules

  • Times are only valid in 3 or 4 lap races.
  • Times are only valid in picks-off races.
  • Times are only valid with a Rookie, Amateur, Advanced, Semi-Pro, Pro stock car.
  • Times are only valid when there is a screenshot included.
  • Times are only valid with multiplayer races with a minimum of 2 players finished.
  • These rules are the same for Month Tracks race as well.

How can you post a time?

  • Join or host a multi-player race (in RVHouse or by IP).
  • Make a screenshot of the result. A way to make screenshots is to download Gadwin Prinscreen or simply press F8 ingame. This will save the picture to your profile folder inside the Re-Volt installation. Screenshot example
  • Login on RVR, go to the Best Laps section and choose "Post Result".
  • Enter the right track, lap count and choose the picture of that track and post it.
  • Validate your results and correct them if they are wrong.
  • Now your time is sent to the website. You must wait until an admin of RVR validates the time.

Posting screenshots tips

  • Make sure you time the making of your screenshot right in a way that your time is clearly visible. This makes image easier to read for the ReVoltrace site and this saves you time ;) Screenshot example
  • Put "-" for drivers that are not registered on ReVoltRace. Posting results
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