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Where to play Re-Volt online?

RVHouse is the online meeting place for racing multi-player Re-Volt. Download RVHouse.

However RVHouse had some working issues, so people moved to Discord servers where they start lobbies with the IP-joining possibility.
You can find these servers under Links section at the left panel.

How to use RVHouse?

RVHouse is quite simple to use. In short you create or join a room. Everyone in the room will take part in the Re-Volt game when Re-Volt is started from RV House. For more information about using RVHouse go to the RVHouse guide.

Solve "Can't launch Re-Volt" error

When you launch a game from RVHouse you might the the following error message: "Can't launch Re-Volt". Follow these steps to solve this:

  • Make sure your Re-Volt is properly installed by an installer
  • Before running RVHouse, make sure to run Re-Volt offline first using your Re-Volt shortcut icon
  • If Re-Volt works in offline mode, you can close it and start using RVHouse

I can't host or join multiplayer games in RVHouse (Can't connect to lobby error message)

If you have a router and/or firewall you must configure them so that you can use RV House and play Re-Volt online. If you have both a router and a firewall, apply both instructions. If you are still having problems you might have a look at the ReVolt IO help documents.

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