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ReVolt Race is an online competition-centered site about the old school PC game Re-Volt. Here you can find more info about this game we love so much ;)

The original release

Re-Volt was originally released in 1999 by Acclaim Entertainment. It is a RC (remote controlled) racing video game featuring 28 stock cars and 14 stock tracks including a stunt arena for free roaming.


All versions of Re-Volt (aside from the demos) come with 28 pre-installed 'stock' cars. These cars are divided into separate ratings. The ratings are: Rookie, Amateur, Advanced, Semi-pro, Pro, and Special. "Rookie" rating cars are the cars available for use when one first begins a new game file and are the only class used in the demos, "Amateur" class cars must be unlocked by winning the Bronze Cup Championship before a player can use them, etc. The cars also have different classes. The classes are: "Electric", "Glow", and "Special". The class of a car does not effect its driving abilities. Different classes make different sounds while the car is racing. However, electric class cars tend to be rookie and amateur ratings (Evil Weasel, Bertha Ballistics, Pole Poz, and Rotor are exceptions), while glow class cars are higher ratings. There is only one special class car. Each car's racing abilities are measured by horizontal bars defining the car's abilities in three fields: speed, acceleration, and weight.

List of stock cars:

  • Rookie cars: RC Bandit, Dust Mite, Phat Slug, Col. Moss (Colonel Moss), Harvester, Dr. Grudge, Volken Turbo, Sprinter XL
  • Amateur cars: RC San, Candy Pebbles, Genghis Kar, Aquasonic, Mouse
  • Advanced cars: Evil Weasel, Panga TC (Panga Touring Car), R6 Turbo, NY 54, Bertha Ballistics
  • Semi-pro cars: Pest Control, Adeon, Pole Poz, Zipper, Rotor
  • Pro cars: Cougar, Humma, AMW, Toyeca, Panga

Generally Toyeca is considered the best car for multiplayer racing because of its speed and handling. When playing online, it's allowed to use a cheat code to unlock this car (see cheats section below).

Besides stock cars, the are thousands of user-made custom cars, but they are not used much in online races, because of cheating issues.


The stock tracks are also categorized depending on their difficulty to master and win. These categories are: Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme. Cars and tracks are both unlocked through success in the game's tournament modes. Each track consists of Reverse, Mirror, and Inverse (Reverse Mirror) modes.

List of stock tracks:

  • Easy tracks: Toys in the Hood 1, Super Market 2, Museum 2, Botanical Garden
  • Medium tracks: Toy World 1, Ghost Town 1, Toy World 2
  • Hard tracks: Toys in the Hood 2, Toytanic 1, Museum 1
  • Extreme tracks: Supermarket 1, Ghost Town 2, Toytanic 2.

Because Re-Volt comes with a Track Editor, it's easy to create your own tracks and play them online, however it is not compatible with RVGL. It is even possible to use modelling tools such as 3DS Max, Blender, zModeler etc. to create tracks that match the quality of the original stock tracks. Many beautiful tracks were and still are added to the tracks section. They can all be played online.

Game modes

ReVoltRace is all about online racing, but this mode is only one of possible modes in the game. When progressing in each of these modes, new cars are unlocked. Time Trial allows you to race against the clock and try to beat the challenge times along with you own personal records. The cups consists of multiple races, where a top 3 ranking qualifies for the next race.

Re-Volt's Multi-Player races include the Single Race and Battle Tag modes.

Single Race allows 2-4 players on the console versions and 2-16 players on the PC version to race on the normal, single-player tracks. Within each race, competitors race to be the first to complete a preset number of laps of the circuit. To aid them in this there are a variety of lightning bolt shaped pick-ups lying around the track. Collecting one of these provides the player with a random weapon varying from oil slicks to fireworks and batteries that increase your speed for a short period of time. The worse a player is doing in the race, the more likely one of the better weapons will be obtained, and vice versa.

Battle Tag puts players in one of four special stock arenas (Neighborhood, Garden, Supermarket and Museum) and custom user-made arenas. The players must find and pick up a star that is hidden somewhere in the level. When a player takes the star, their timer starts counting down. By coming within proximity of the player with the star, other players can steal the star, thus starting that player's timer and stopping the opponent's. A player wins when his timer runs out. In addition, players can make their car jump by using the 'Reposition' key, instead of actually repositioning the car, as the arenas don't have a set course.


Enter these codes on the name wheel to activate the cheat:

CARNIVALUnlocks all cars (allowed in mutiplayer races)
TRACKERUnlocks all tracks (allowed in mutiplayer races)
CHANGELINGChange cars mid-race
MAKEITGOODEnables in-game editors
URCOUnlock the flying UFO
SADISTSelect weapons in game with right shift
DRINKMETiny cars
JOKERUse identical cars in multiplayer mode
TVTIMEView Select (F5/F6 change view)


Most of us are still playing Re-Volt online, racing the original tracks and cars in Multi-player every day. But since its first release, Re-Volt has been open towards customization and many users are therefore also occupied with making a car or a track of their very own. All this is made possible by using a variety of tools made by the original developers and by the community itself. In fact we have our very own development team, who provides us with updates and new features in Re-Volt new RVGL releases.

Have a look at our download section.

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